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 The Rotating Beacon which reduces CO2 emission !

Throughout the world, on a daily basis, emergency and service vehicles park with the engine running, so as to supply the necessary power for light signalling. This signalling is an indispensable means of protecting those who work on the public highways or who are out on emergency call-outs. The result is inevitably high fuel consumption and CO² emissions.

In recent weeks, Mercura has been marketing the first ever LED rotator, known as the Gyroled®. Ahead of its field in its capacity to consume 5 times less energy that traditional rotators, the Gyroled® is maintenance free and has a life-span as long as that of the vehicle itself.

Mercura, French specialist in on-board light signalling, is the main supplier of signalling equipment for the French National Police force and numerous emergency vehicles.

The rotator's traditional lamp, which will soon be among museum pieces, has been replaced by light emitting diodes or LEDs.

 Consumption reduction :
This new technology enables electric consumption to be divided by 5 due to the fact that the Gyroled® consumes less than 1 amp, while a rotator with halogen lamp consumes 5 amps on a vehicle with 12V power supply.
The user can leave the light signalling devices switched on, even when the engine is off, and reduce green-house gas emissions.

 Maintenance-free !
As the Gyroled® rotating movement is obtained by the successive switching on of the leds inside it, there is no need for a moving gear-driven mechanism with motor, belt etc ..., which are often the source of break-down.
Reduction in consumption also means a reduction in the wear-and-tear of electrical elements such as the vehicle Battery, Alternator etc... Similar to current vehicle head-lights, the Gyroled® dome is made of unbreakable polycarbonate.

 Life-span as long as that of the vehicle.
The Leds making up the Gyroled® are developed to last 50 000 hours, and if the rotator is in use 10 hours per day, it should last for up to 13 years.

 Approved !
The Gyroled® has been approved by the official approval bodies according to European norm R65, signifying that it meets all the criteria for installation on emergency vehicles.

 User-friendly :
The Gyroled®'s compact size enables easy mounting of the Gyroled®, particularly its magnetic version. It has the added user comfort of being completely noise-less.

Mercura also fits the Gyroled® in its light-bar range and around 100 vehicles are already fitted out with light-bars featuring this new technology. The amber model is due to be marketed in France towards the end of 2008.

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